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Einer & Ruby Knutzen Scholarship

The Einer & Ruby Knutzen Scholarship is for students who are members and/or active in either Burlington Lutheran Church or Edison Lutheran Church. The scholarships are offered to assist students in obtaining post-secondary or college education.

The Einer & Ruby Knutzen Scholarship Award Foundation is pleased to announce that applications for 2023 scholarships are now being received. Applications are open to any high school seniors and post-secondary education students who are members of Burlington Lutheran or Edison Lutheran churches, and who wish to further their education beyond high school. Please remember the importance of thoroughly completing the application. It is your chance to present all of your achievements and future goals to the committee.


Recipients will be selected by a committee of five people designated by Burlington Lutheran and Edison Lutheran Churches. In determining the recipients of the awards, the committee shall consider (1) academic records; (2) character, (3) leadership qualities; and (4) participation in the local church.

Application must be submitted to the Committee in care of the church office of Burlington Lutheran Church on or before April 15, 2023. The committee will determine its selection of beneficiaries by June 1, 2023.

An application includes the completed form, three letters of recommendation, and an essay describing the applicant’s intended use of the scholarship as it relates to his or her educational and career goals. On letter of recommendation shall be from one of the applicant’s educational instructors or teachers. Two letters of recommendation may be from others who are not related to the applicant but are personally familiar with his or her accomplishments as they relate to the criteria for selection.

Questions or further information may be obtained from the Committee or from
the offices of Burlington Lutheran or Edison Lutheran Churches.

Burlington Lutheran Church
134 E Victoria Ave
Burlington, WA 98233 

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