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I'm so glad you've wandered to the website of Burlington Lutheran. Welcome. Feel free to check us out, attend online worship, and come visit when possible. Drop me an email to go out for coffee and/or a walk; I love to meet new people, trade stories, and scheme about how we can make life better for all life. 

I grew up in the Air Force, moving between the the US and Europe, and attending the chapel on base for worship and youth group. Earning degrees in sports medicine and cardiac rehabilitation, I ended up as a college campus faith leader in North Carolina. Eagerly wanting more theological training, I felt the pull to seminary. A year after graduation from Regent College in Vancouver, BC, I was ordained as a Baptist pastor and eventually, after hospital chaplaincy and working as a gear expert at REI, I found my way into the wide and warm embrace of the Lutherans. In 2013 I had the privilege to found Echoes Bellingham, a creative, experimental faith community in Bellingham, with a second "normal" job in an optometry practice where I helped patients choose just the right glasses and lenses. In January of 2022 I enthusiastically accepted the call to become the pastor at Burlington Lutheran. I'm so excited to be here. 


When I'm not at church I'm usually enjoying time with my fiancée, Deborah, getting outdoors, learning new things, compromising with my cat, or expanding my bucket list to impossible-to-achieve proportions. 

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